The Massive Star Formation (MSF) group is headed by Dr Christopher De Pree at Agnes Scott College.

This web site is a comprehensive guide on MSF research that contains data, references and information related to the National Science Foundation supported grants AST-1211460, AST-0206103 & AST – 1615311.

We’ve created Outreach Tools including white papers about what radio astronomy tells us about the universe, and a poster series about massive star formation for middle and high-school classrooms.

We have jpgs and FITS data from our observations of W49A and Sgr B2, as well as .avi files of our hydrodynamic simulations, found in Data & Images.

For details of the proposals as well as some other research related to the topic, visit Background Documents page.

This project has given students from Agnes Scott College an incredible research opportunity over the past two decades. The group also works with several collaborators from many prestigious institutions. For more information about those who contributed to the projects, see People.